I struggled during my senior year in high school regarding whether to attend a university or not. Receiving scholarships, first from the Ruidoso Jockey Club and then the Ruidoso Jockey Club Foundation, has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream of being a wildlife biologist. The university opened up so many doors - providing a job as a counselor to help incoming freshman and help struggling students with school related problems. I volunteer with the wildlife and fish club capturing small animals around the Portales area and testing them for diseases. Receiving a scholarship from the Ruidoso Jockey Club Foundation has provided opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.


The increasing costs of a university education makes it difficult for many to attend.  Receiving a scholarship from the Ruidoso Jockey Club Foundation has allowed me to follow my dreams. I knew I wanted to attend college. The only problem was, I was not sure how it would be paid for. I decided to pay for college out of pocket and with loans. I got a job with the Ruidoso Jockey Club and began saving money. At the end of the season, I was informed a scholarship was being offered. I was ecstatic because I knew it would help a lot, but I was not aware just how much it would help.  

I can honestly say that the scholarship from the Ruidoso Jockey Club Foundation is what has allowed me to continue attending college and follow my dreams. I cannot express my gratitude towards the foundation, but I hope this letter has showed you that the foundation is impacting lives in an incredible way. I wish to continue working with the Ruidoso Jockey Club Foundation even after I graduate and help other young adults be so lucky to continue their education.



The Ruidoso Jockey Club Foundation Scholarship helped cover the cost for my  books and supplemental materials that I needed for courses at New Mexico State University.  Some students in my classes did not have books because they did not have enough money and had to cut expenses by not buying books for some courses. Without this scholarship, I probably would have been forced to make this same decision. With the scholarship, I did not have to worry about having money to buy essential course materials. I am grateful to have all required materials for my classes as it greatly contributed to my understanding of course material and provided me with everything I needed to succeed in each my courses. I truly believe that there is nothing that can replace the opportunity of being able to attain a college education and your scholarship is helping me attain that dream. Please know that your monetary assistance really does make a difference in the life of a college student.


Audrey Gochenauer has completed her Nurse Practitioner program. The Foundation has supported her efforts over the last four years.  It is her goal to use this degree to provide quality healthcare to the Ruidoso, NM community, particularly for those who have a hard time funding or acquiring healthcare. She would like to practice in an immediate care/walk-in setting where there is a great need. Audrey works as a Day Charge Nurse on the Medical/Surgical floor at Lincoln County Medical Center. RJCF is proud of her accomplishments and success - she has done the above while taking care of seven children at home and being a Cubmaster for local Cub Scout Pack 59.


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